Moraga Steps and Turtle Hill

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Jacket – Madewell + Jeans – AG Jeans + Scarf – RLRB + Shoes – Converse

Happy 2nd week of 2015!  Anybody sticking to their resolutions so far?  I decided to continue a positive attitude and work on things with more focus this year…. plus, travel and explore more.  I also do want to attempt to blog more often.  I know I always fall off the band wagon, but I def want to carve out more time for this in 2015!

Anyhoo, there’s nothing more beautiful than artsy mosaic steps and an awesome view of the city during a radiant sunset. A couple unconventional spots you can check out whenever you are in San Francisco are the Moraga Steps and Turtle Hill.  Turtle Hill is right up the hill from the artsy Moraga Steps.  For all you looking for a great photo op, this is the place to be.

Located on 16th Avenue (between Noriega St & Moraga St) in the southern part of San Francisco, this area draws a crowd all day long and depicts a good picture of the artistic community that San Francisco creates. Inspired by the famous stairs in Rio De Janero, these steps were meticulously created to build a beautiful walkway for the whole city to enjoy.

Conveniently up the hill is Turtle Hill. A great spot to just get away from the hustle and bustle, to clear your mind, or enjoy a scenic view of the city. I personally can never get tired of a sunset. You never know what new colors the skies will illuminate everyday.   They are also daily reminders of how beautiful the world can be. #itsthelittethings

Hope you all have a great week!


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