DIY Printed Leggings



So obviously my baby boy has to dress well! Baby has been sleeping 3 hours so Mama squeezed in time to make these pants. Been wanting to buy printed pants for him, but I’m not about to spend $30 on baby leggings. So as always I say to myself, “hey I can make that!” I got some pants at H&M at a good deal at 3 for $12. I went to Joann’s and bought puffy paint, foam sheets, and wooden blocks. First, I made the stamps. I cut out the shape using the foam sheets and glued it on to the wooden block. Next, I took puffy paint and dipped the stamp. Lastly I stamped the pants. Very easy and cheap!


Fugly Pillows



We finally got another couch since my parents are coming soon for the baby. We found this cheap couch for only $269! It’s pretty comfy too! It came with fugly pillows though! We don’t have an Ikea here so I wanted to find cool printed fabric pillow cases. I went to Hobby Lobby and found these cool fabric. I used 1/2 a yard of fabric and literally just sewed it like an envelope. Took less than 15 minutes to make! And voila…. Cool pillows!


1/2 yard fabric – depending on size of pillow

matching thread

sewing maching



measuring tape

1.  First measure your pillow (my pillow was 19 by 19, so 1/2 a yard was perfect)

2. Turn the fabric inside out

3. Fold both ends (about 1/2 inch) and pin and sew

4. My pillow was 19 inches, so I took 3/4 of 19 inches and folded over from the end

5. Take the other side and fold over like an envelope and pin (now you should have a square that measures 19 by 19 inches)

6.  Sew the sides together

7. Turn inside out and stuff your pillow

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California Love

California love painting

Painting by Yours Truly 

Since my sister moved out of state and painted this exact painting months ago to keep her Cali Love alive in the Midwest, numerous friends have contacted us and asked us to make them this California Heart painting as well.  She saw this on a sticker somewhere. So I went to Michaels, bought some canvases, acrylic paints and painted a few of these fun and easy Cali Love pieces.

I’ve always loved painting since I was a little girl.  It relaxes me and definitely helps me Namaste myself.  I tend to paint more abstract, landscape, still life, and pop art pieces.  Expressionism was a style I always admired as well.   Though, I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at painting portraits.  Lately, I’m finding myself finally getting back in the groove of painting.  I’ve had other side projects that I have been working on as well for my sister’s nursery.  Stay posted for some cute nursery painting ideas!

Wedding Accessories

hairclip accessories handmade rlrb wedding bridal hairpiece

bride hairclip accessories

bridal hairclip beads pearl hair accessories

Wedding Hair clip by RLRB

Super excited to share some photos of a wedding hair-clip I made for a friend.  Her wedding was this past weekend and she texted me a couple pictures of her hair with the accessory I made.  I must admit, actually seeing it on the beautiful bride made it look soo much better.  Her hairstyle and the way the clip placed perfectly in her hair was just oh so fabulous!

The wedding hair accessory is made out of beads, pearls, and Swarovski crystals.   The bride wanted to initally have feathers incorporated into her hairpiece but then because her wedding dress had such amazing beaded designs, I drew my inspiration from there.  I almost tried to create feather-like shapes out of beads.  And of course I added some crystals for some bling bling.

Looking for a hairpiece for your wedding or for your bridesmaids and flower girls?  Or just need something fun to wear to add to your outfit for a special occasion?  Contact us for inquires.  Show us your inspirations and we can create a customized hair piece/accessory just for you.

Wedding Hair Accessories

Wedding Accessories Headband Handmade swaroski crystals rlrb

RLRB crystal headband art deco vintage wedding acccessories RLRB handmade

Wedding hair clip accessories RLRB crystal hair clip

All hairpieces by RLRB

As some of you may know, my sister and I also LOVE accessories.  From everyday-wear to hairpieces for your big day, jewelry and accessories inspire us.  We sometimes get brides that approach us about creating hair accessories for their big day.

Above, are two hairpieces that my sister and I just completed for a bride.  Each hairpiece was handmade with wire and Swarovski crystals with our very own design.   The beauty of creating your own hairpiece is that you can play and alter each design until it’s ultimately what you love.  With wire, you can also easily maneuver sections until it’s the shape you envision.  We had so much fun creating these two pieces.  I especially loved how the headband turned out.  Such a statement piece that the bride or maid of honor can wear.

crystal headband

Crystal Wedding headband accessories RLRB Handmade

Here are a couple pictures of how the headband would look on.  Like I said, it is definitely a statement hairpiece and bling blinging! We absolutely love how it turned out.

Need a hairpiece for any occasion?  Feel free to contact us!  Whether it be wire work, using fabrics, creating baby clips/headbands, let us know your inquiry and we definitely can figure something out and create your desired hairpiece.