21 Choices

21 Choices

21 choices pasadena

Right: Chocolate yogurt + waffle cone + almonds + coconut + chocolate chips

Left: Vanilla yogurt + nutella + strawberries

With the rain behind us and only sunshine on our horizon here in SoCal, it’s only inevitable that 21 Choices frozen yogurt crosses my mind.   I know this upcoming weekend is going beautiful and warm and I’ve definitely been craving delicious yogurt from 21 choices in Old Town Pasadena.  If you are ever in the area, it is a must have.  For those of you trying to maintain your summer physique, most of the frozen yogurt that they serve is non-fat or low fat.   This place is perfect to satisfy any sweet tooth craving!  Plus it is located in the midst of amazing stores.  Shopping + 21 Choices yogurt = A Good Day!

Hope everyone is have a great week!



Fall Treats

Since the weather here in So Cal right now is ranging around 85-90 degrees, it is evident that we are totally bypassing the  Fall Season and experiencing an extended summer.  Besides the fact that I can’t wear my chunky sweaters and boots, one thing that this weather can’t stop me from doing is indulging in Fall treats!  I have a HUGE sweet tooth and love Fall/Holiday goodies.  There are now pumpkin macarons in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s, and also pumpkin ice cream that can easily be anyone’s sweet-tooth obsession.

Oh yes, and this. This is also a must try for pumpkin AND chocolate lovers like myself — Pumpkin Mousse Cake, also from Trader Joe’s.

Happy Eats!