Hey Baby Girl!

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If I had a girl… I would dress her up just like me! hahah!  Here’s an inspiration board for a baby girl.  There’s so many cute outfits for baby girls!  I mean, if they were my size I would totally buy some pieces.  Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up my baby boy!  Hopefully the next one will be a baby girl, if not I will be the Queen on the Manigs House!



Baby It’s Cold Outside

baby it's cold
jacket babygap + shirt old navy + jeans old navy + shoes oshkosh + hat monsoon
Ah, I love shopping for baby clothes!  I always gravitated towards baby girl clothes because I thought they were so ridiculously cute.  Plus, I related to them more since I didn’t really grow up with boys.  However, now that I have a precious baby boy, shopping for boys are equally as fun and exciting.  Here’s a cute idea for cold day out for an adorable little baby boy.  I mean, how cute is this?  My son definitely has baby swag, he dresses better than his Dad… haha.  I’m finding myself shopping more for my son than myself.  When I enter a store, I head straight to the baby section.  Times have definitely changed, but I love it.  I’ll be doing more baby outfit posts in the future.  Stay tuned!


Life has totally changed ever since my awesome son came into my life.  Mommy life is dope!  I mean, I don’t get as much sleep and I’m in my PJs all day, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world.  I also have only 5 minutes to get ready to go out, so it’s been quick, easy, and simple outfits.  I’m loving this sporty look.  Sweater, midi skirt, cool sneakers, beanie, sunglasses, and of course a cool backpack instead of a diaper bag.  It’s all about being comfy now for me.  You can easily turn this outfit up with a pair of boots and a leather moto jacket, oh and don’t forget a fuchsia or bright red lipstick.

Friday Eye Candy

Haven’t had an “Eye Candy” post in awhile.  So here ya go!

  All images from Refinery29.

This Eye Candy edition is specifically Milan Street style. I love European style sooo much! It’s so effortlessly chic and fabulous. The messy, un-done hair paired with simple statement pieces, definitely makes European styles my favorite.

Happy Friday!


Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

Moving from the Midwest to SoCal and now to San Francisco, has really allowed me to play with new and different interior design aesthetics. I’ve been religiously pinning away for new inspirations and ideas. I love interior design that is fun, classic, and versatile. More specifically, I’ve been really intrigued with mid-century modern furniture. It’s clean lines and modern feel can truly make any space feel chic.

For great deals on cool and fun furniture, check out your local flea market. My sister and I recently checked out the long beach flea market and found a vendor that sold mid-century modern furniture for great deals. There are truly a plethora of hidden gems at flea markets. Plus, you can practice your negotiation skills to get the best deals that fit your budget. Above are some staple pieces that can be versatile enough to mix and match with different styles, patterns, and textile – i.e. rugs, throw pillows, and curtains. I am definitely eyeing these beauties!