Anepalco’s Cafe

Chilaquiles Anepalco RLRB Anepalcos Orange RLRB chilaquilesI was definitely eating out of control this past weekend.  Part of my epicurean adventure was hitting up my favorite Mexican brunch spot – Anepalco’s Cafe in Orange.  It is a MUST try if you are ever in Orange County.  They are known to have the BEST chilaquiles in town!  This has to be my favorite brunch spot in the area.  Luckily, there are two locations in Orange – one on Chapman Ave. and  the other on Main St.  I like to order my chilaquiles with chicken.  I hear the carnitas are juicy, tender, and pretty awesome as well.  There’s something about the sauce that gives this dish an extra kick.   Just looking at the pictures, already makes me crave it again! I would also recommend the guava french toast for a sweet delight.  Yummm-O


Pattern Play

mixed patterns rlrb style fasdhion stripes plaid dress stripes mixed pattern outfit idea rlrb style stripes plaid stripes mixing patterns eggettes san francisco

Dress: Brandy Melville + Boots: Steve Madden + Purse: Rebecca Minkoff + Necklace: H&M 

When you browse through my closest, you will quickly learn that I own a lot of stripes.  It’s just easy, effortless, and such a classic pattern.  What I also love about it is the fact that you can totally do some pattern play with it.  Plaid is another pattern that I do adore.  Black & white stripes, in particular, and plaid compliment each other very well.  The key here is to make sure one pattern is more subdued than the other.  The last thing you want to do is mix a thick stripe ensemble with huge plaid patterns.

This Brandy Melville striped dress was a must-have the minute I laid eyes on it.  So comfy and chill.  Definitely a day to night dress.  The stripes were thin enough to easily pair it with my plaid top.  For a different pattern play, this would also look good with a camouflage jacket.  With summer slowly coming to an end, try incorporating new patterns to mix and match with in the fall.

Best pick-me-upper? BOBA! We LOVE boba.  If you are ever craving some and in the Millbrae area, check out Eggettes!

Good Eats

Bario salad McCoysJPG Kansas City Westport Mccoy Mac n Cheese Glace artisan ice creamJPG glace ice cream kansas city Root Beer Float salted pretzel ice cream

There’s no doubt that we love to grub! We are most def foodies and will go to lengths to try new food spots or new type of cuisine. When I visited my sister for the last time in Kansas, we went to a cute little area called West Port. We strolled around the area and ate at this cute restaurant called McCoy’s. I would say my favorite dish was the mac and cheese! It had bacon and jalapenos in it, ah-mazing!

My sister was craving root beer float badly, and they were known to make their own root beer. Unfortunately, they ran out. We were so bummed and still really craving root beer float. So we went on yelp and stumbled upon this cool ice cream store called Glace. It was the best idea ever! Their ice cream selection was impeccable and made out of natural ingredients.   What I loved about this place the most is the unusual flavors they had. My favorite by far was the Salted Pretzel ice cream. And of course, we order the root beer float and they used the salted pretzel ice cream for the drink.  It was heaven is our mouths! If you are ever in Kansas City, you must hit up Glace!

Happy Hump Day!

Woodsy- Arrow Theme Baby Shower

Christy: This past weekend we celebrated sister’s baby shower and after all the planning and DIY projects we did, I must say, it was a success!!  Yeah!  Here are some shots of the details that went behind the woodsy/arrow theme baby shower. 
Woodsy arrow themed baby shower invitationLeah:  These arrows were fun to make.  I got dowels and painted them.  I also used printed tape sporadically to add more color and design.  Then I cut two arrows with colored paper and glued them on top – one on each side.  These arrows added a pop of color to the decor.  My sister and I also decided to create our own woodsy baby shower invitation.  We searched all over the web for a design that we liked and fit our theme, but at the end of the day, we decided to design one our own using Photoshop and walaaa!

woodsy theme babys shower DIY cake topper rustic theme smores cupcakes homemade arrows woodsy camping theme dessert tableChristy:  We spent the night before the baby shower getting down in the kitchen.  Meaning, we rolled up our sleeves and baked all these goodies you see in our dessert table.  We made rice crispy treats, nutella croissants, and smores cupcakes   For the smores cupcakes, we also made our own marshmallow-like frosting.  The frosting is really made up of whipped egg whites and sugar.  To tie in our woodsy theme, we also decided to add lil trail mix cups.

woodsy arrows rustic nature theme dessert table diy arrow theme dessert table idea arrow woodsy tribal theme baby showerLeah:  The triangle garlands you see on the left were made up of triangles I cut out from colored paper.  I then randomly placed them together and then sewed them all together.  We hung these triangle garlands all against our white walls to make our space feel more festive.

RLRB Sisters DIY baby shower decorations nutella crossaints Sangria woodsy theme baby shower diy DIY woodsy rustic camp arrows aztec deer theme baby shower decorations Smores baby shower giveaways

Christy:  Our giveaways were Smores packages! I LOVE me some smores, and the fact we were having a woodsy theme party, it was only appropriate to have Smores! It was really fun making these giveaways too.  Overall, I had sooo much fun planning this baby shower for my sister.

Leah: It’s good to be home on the west coast!  We had our baby shower over this past weekend here in So Cal that was hosted by Christy.  She did such a great job with everything.  We decided to go with the woodsy arrow theme.  It was hard trying to choose a theme..thank God for Pinterest!  Living in the midwest, we thought that this theme fit perfectly.

Get In My Belly!

If you didn’t know, I love food!  I think about food all of the time and now that I’m pregnant it’s even worse.  One bummer is that I don’t live in CA anymore and I crave everything there.   If I crave something…then I would have to make it.  If I did live in CA, I would probably gain more weight, so maybe it’s a good thing?  One dish I was craving was NYC’s halal chicken and rice.  It’s the carne asada fries of NYC.  So I googled and found this recipe.  Tried it and loved it!  However, I would tweak the white sauce a bit.  I boiled garlic and added it to the sauce.  I would also recommend to use the best mayo out there, don’t use the cheap ones!  For a healthier version of the white sauce I would just use greek yogurt with boiled smashed garlic, salt and pepper.  I must say it was pretty close to the version in NYC. Yummy in my tummy!

Red, White, & Blue

Stars and Stripes Jay Z Holy Grail

Hoping everyone had a fabulous and safe 4th of July weekend!  Saw this backdrop of Jay-Z in Venice Beach and immediately knew I had to take a picture in front of it.  Hova!  Plus, I am a sucker for street art/graphics.

Stars and Stripes

As you can see, I was very Patriotic on the 4th.  Denim shorts are from ZaraUSA tank top is from UO.

Summer Sunglasses

These are most def my current favorite summertime-fun sunglasses.

Acai bowl necktar

My acai bowl was also very festive with its own version or red, white, and blue.  I am obsessed with these acai bowls because they are so refreshing and filling.  It’s a great breakfast or lunch if you want something cool and good for you.  My favorite spot is Bonzai Bowl in Costa Mesa or Huntington Beach.  This bowl above is from Nektar in Long Beach.

Philippines Getaway

Philippines beach danao island summer vacation destination

Danao Beach Resort

blue ocean philippines danao hut

Sea Parade

Philippines Fiesta colors flag

Fiesta Fiesta!

cultural dancers danao philippines

A dance by the local children

coke summer 2013 pi seafood

Food Galore!  Seafood and coke in a bottle

fresh coconut juice organic summer drink

Coconut Juice!

fresh seafood crab danao philippines

More seafood!

lake danao park philippines

Lake danao

beach serenity clear waters

summer vacation

Danao Island Park

danao cave philippines

danao cave philippines vacation summer nature

Bukilit Cave

sunset beach blue waters philippines vacation summer

Amazing Sunset

Back in April I made a spontaneous trip to the Philippines.  I literally called the travel agency on a Friday, flew to LA on a Monday and left for the Philippines on Tuesday.  I just got a new job and decided to take a 2.5 week vacation to visit my parents because you know when you start a new job… you don’t have any PTOs!  So why not?  I get to see my parents, visit white sand – clear blue beaches, and eat all the tropical food!

The 2.5 weeks I spent there flew by so quickly.  Here are some shots of Danao Island.  My parents and I went on this tour that explored the island.  The Philippines has sooo many islands that you can visit.  Since the Philippines is an archipelago, it comprises of over 7,107 islands.    Thus, there are numerous island-hopping tours you can try out.   We stayed at the Danao Beach Resort.  The beach was beautiful, gorgeous, and simply breathtaking!  White fine sands and crystal clear blue water, what else could you ask for?  I was in paradise fasho.  I could stay there the whole day, but it was soooo hot and humid.  I only lasted about 2 hours on the beach in the morning.

We also visited Danao Island Park where the local children greeted us with a cultural dance show, ate lots of seafood, and I rode a horse!  Really random, but hey I’m in the Philippines!  A day later we visited the Bukilit Cave.  It was beautiful as you can tell by the pictures.  The water was untouched and crystal clear.  Nature amazes me.  I love visiting the Philippines because I always get in touch with nature and appreciate everything it has to offer.  Besides all the tourist things I did in the Philippines… I ate a lot!  I love all the different types of fruits!  I love all the desserts!  Basically it was carbs and sweets all day for 2.5 weeks!  Hey, I was on vacation!  What summer vacation getaways do you have in store?