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Laidback Vibes
I am so fortunate to be living in Southern California.  To be able to wake up to sunshine 350 days of the year and enjoy summer weather in the winter, definitely puts a smile to my face.  I mean, who would complain?  This outfit has been pretty much my staple for the past month.  I have been a repeat offender…#guilty.  These are all timeless and basic staples I think every girl should have in her closet.  It’s easy to mix and match with other things, dress up or down.  For a day to night look, swap your sneakers for your favorite heeled bootie and throw on a bling statement necklace and BOOM … you are ready for a night out.   Happy Thursday!

Loads of Love

Baby Style Baby Boy RLRB Zara baby style baby Boy style RLRB RLRB style baby steez RLRB style fashion sisters RLRB style bloggers sisters boho chic RLRB style sisters handmade kimono RLRB style shots storyboxcollection RLRB style shots boho chicOn Leah: DressBrandy Melville + Blazer – H&M + Boots – Miz Mooz + Necklace – Zara

On Christy: Kimono – RLRB + Tank – H&M + Ripped Jeans – Zara, similar ones here + ShoesVince Camuto

On Rayden: Outift all from Baby Zara + Shoes – Potato Feet 

A couple months ago our good friend Ellie from Story Box Collection came over and did a photo-shoot with my sister and I and our newest addition to the family, Rayden.   Rayden is a natural ham. It’s always a fun time when we work with Ellie. The shoot inevitably ends up being a time for my sister and I to act silly, goof around, and pretty much laugh about everything.

How cute is Rayden though? I absolutely cannot get enough of that lil guy. Since my sister lives up north, anytime I get to spend with her, let alone to be able to have a photo-shoot with her, is never taken for granted. Family is always number one in my book. My new love for my nephew is also a bigger reason why I would want to see my sister more often. They really need to have a bullet train that can take you from LA to SF.

The kimono I am wearing was handmade by my sister. We love boho chic fashion, flowy styles, and versatile pieces.  Kimonos are great because you can dress them up or down.  Whether you pair it with a dress, jeans, or over your bikini at the beach, there’s always an occasion to wear them.  Kimonos can be made to order, so check out our etsy store or email us at for inquires.

 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with loved ones!


Fabrics I Do Adore

There’s no doubt that my sister and I love to collect any dope, cool, fun fabrics we come across.  My sister likes to make clothes, pillows, and pretty much anything with the fabric we find. RLRB fabric chinese cultural aztec RLRB fabric indigo vintage authentic chinese fabricThe fabric above and below are vintage and from China.  These fabrics are from traditional Chinese dresses.  As you can see from the fabric below, you can tell that this used to be a pleated garment.  To us, sometimes imperfections in some fabrics, are perfection and what makes it unique.  We cannot tell you how much we are obsessed with these finds!aztec fabric handmadeBali fabric RLRBMy loot from my Bali trip.  Since my sister just moved and is re-decorating her space, she’s been in search for unique fabric that she can turn into pillows.  Since I visited a couple fabric stores in Bali, I scored the fabrics above.

Happy Sunday Everyone!

10 Things To Do in BALI

I’ve finally gathered my pictures from my amazing trip to Bali this summer.  Indonesia is such a gorgeous country.  Bali is so full of culture, art, and beauties of nature.  If Bali is a vacation destination you want to someday pursue, here are 10 things that I loved from my Bali trip.

1) Uluwatu Temple – The views at this temple were beautiful.  For all the ladies – Every time we visited a temple, we had to cover up our legs. It was super hot and humid in July, so wearing pants was the last thing on my mind. Luckily, every temple provided fabric to wrap around your waist. I personally thought the purple and yellow made my outfit more festive.

This temple was swarming with wild monkeys. If you do decide to check out Uluwatu, make sure you leave your sunglasses in the car. The monkeys tend to snatch the tourists glasses in exchange for food. They are aggressive and will fight back.

DSC_0364Bali eat pray love vacationDSC_0353

2) Surfing at Kuta Beach – This was probably the most fun, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping experience for me in Bali.  I’ve never attempted to surf ever in my whole life, so having my first surfing lesson in Bali was very special to me.  They have instructors all over the beach that can teach beginners like me how to surf.  They were extremely friendly, helpful, and patient.  My instructor broke down every move I had to make in order to successfully catch a wave.  Though I had huge doubts in my ability to actually stand up, surprisingly I did! I was able to stand up and ride a ton of waves that day. Being a surfer babe isn’t as bad as I thought.  Indonesia is known to be one of the best surfing destinations out there in the world, so this is definitely a must try.

Kuta beach BaliKuta Surfing

3) Rice Terraces in Ubud – The picture below doesn’t do justice to the breath-taking views of the Rice Terraces.  There was a little cute cafe overlooking the serene scene where you can just relax and enjoy the view.  It felt like an “Eat Pray Love” moment for me.  There’s something about being engulfed in the beauty of nature and just unplugging your mind and thoughts from the craziness of the world, that I feel like everyone needs to do to re-charge.

Bali Rice Terraces Ubud RLRB

4) Jimbaran Bay Seafood Dinner – If you are going to Bali for a honeymoon or romantic trip, I would definitely recommend going to Jimbaran for a sunset dinner.  Such a romantic setting, especially while the sun is setting.  Jimbaran is known to host the best seafood dinners in Bali.  The best part, the view of the Bali sunset.  I must also say, the food was scrumptious!

Jimbaran Seafood DinnerDSC_0378bali sunset rlrb

5) Batik Painting: Sari Amerta –  Bali is known for being so rich in culture and arts. Lots of designers from the U.S. go to Bali for sources, fabrics, and materials.  Batik is a technique of manual wax -resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Batik is made by drawing dots and lines of the resist with a spouted tool called a canting.  It was so cool to see first-hand how the Batik ladies made the cloth.  Preserving cultural history, they used machines made out of wood to create the cloth.  This is a true example and testament of manual labor of love!


6) Otonan: Balinese Birthday – We had the luck to celebrate Ontonan which is the Balinese birthday that is celebrated every 6 months. During this scared celebration the men and women all over Bali provide their organic offerings and also wear their traditional Balinese outfits.  I felt one with the locals and appreciated the culture all around me.  I mean, the views and temple architecture were also breath-taking.

Tanah Lot Bali Ubud Indonesia style cultureOtonan Balinese Birthday Tanah Lot BaliDSC_0516DSC_0505DSC_0506

7) Shopping in Ubud – Ubud is an awesome town away from the busy city.  It’s a little north and a great destination for shopping.  I will warn you though that the sellers may be very aggressive.  Thus, if you are not 100% certain that you want to purchase an item, then don’t try to bargain for the deal. There are blocks and blocks of shopping areas that you can easily spend half a day here.


8) Mi Goreng – Traditional Balinese dish made out of noodles, meats, eggs, and vegetables.  A must try!


9) Batuan Temple – Another temple we visited in Bali.   It’s a beautiful Hindu temple set in the middle of Batuan Village strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Ubud.  This temple also displayed amazing Balinese architecture.  If you want to learn more about the culture and Hindu temple, definitely visit Batuan Temple.


10) Padang Beach  – As I mentioned above, Bali an awesome destination for surfers.  Padang Beach is a famous surf spot that is located in Uluwatu south part of Bali Island and appointed as one of the best surf spots in Bali.  We happened to visit this beach while a surfing competition was going down, so it was great watching all the surfers at their best.  As you can see from my picture below, lots of tourists love this beach.


That sums up my amazing and unforgettable trip to Bali.  Hope you all one day get to visit this place!

Cali Cool

Cali Cool

Without a doubt, I have always been a huge fan of yellow. With Fall in the air, mustard yellow is the perfect transition from Summer yellows to Fall yellows. I am also currently obsessed with distressed, ripped denim. In my opinion, the more holes, the better. Whether it be boyfriend jeans, or skinnies, there’s something about the edginess of the jeans that just makes an outfit that much cooler. Since there’s always sunshine here in SoCal, I thought this outfit is a perfect one to transition from Summer to Fall. The heat has finally subdued and I can finally wear jeans without feeling sticky. Plus, the holes in these River Island jeans give you some ventilation. There’s a bunch of cute styles at Zara too. To top off this look, I chose a bright red lipstick from NARS for a pop of color. I mean, you can never go wrong with a bold red lip.

Happy Monday!

Friday Eye Candy

Haven’t had an “Eye Candy” post in awhile.  So here ya go!

  All images from Refinery29.

This Eye Candy edition is specifically Milan Street style. I love European style sooo much! It’s so effortlessly chic and fabulous. The messy, un-done hair paired with simple statement pieces, definitely makes European styles my favorite.

Happy Friday!


Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

Moving from the Midwest to SoCal and now to San Francisco, has really allowed me to play with new and different interior design aesthetics. I’ve been religiously pinning away for new inspirations and ideas. I love interior design that is fun, classic, and versatile. More specifically, I’ve been really intrigued with mid-century modern furniture. It’s clean lines and modern feel can truly make any space feel chic.

For great deals on cool and fun furniture, check out your local flea market. My sister and I recently checked out the long beach flea market and found a vendor that sold mid-century modern furniture for great deals. There are truly a plethora of hidden gems at flea markets. Plus, you can practice your negotiation skills to get the best deals that fit your budget. Above are some staple pieces that can be versatile enough to mix and match with different styles, patterns, and textile – i.e. rugs, throw pillows, and curtains. I am definitely eyeing these beauties!