Loads of Love

Baby Style Baby Boy RLRB Zara baby style baby Boy style RLRB RLRB style baby steez RLRB style fashion sisters RLRB style bloggers sisters boho chic RLRB style sisters handmade kimono RLRB style shots storyboxcollection RLRB style shots boho chicOn Leah: DressBrandy Melville + Blazer – H&M + Boots – Miz Mooz + Necklace – Zara

On Christy: Kimono – RLRB + Tank – H&M + Ripped Jeans – Zara, similar ones here + ShoesVince Camuto

On Rayden: Outift all from Baby Zara + Shoes – Potato Feet 

A couple months ago our good friend Ellie from Story Box Collection came over and did a photo-shoot with my sister and I and our newest addition to the family, Rayden.   Rayden is a natural ham. It’s always a fun time when we work with Ellie. The shoot inevitably ends up being a time for my sister and I to act silly, goof around, and pretty much laugh about everything.

How cute is Rayden though? I absolutely cannot get enough of that lil guy. Since my sister lives up north, anytime I get to spend with her, let alone to be able to have a photo-shoot with her, is never taken for granted. Family is always number one in my book. My new love for my nephew is also a bigger reason why I would want to see my sister more often. They really need to have a bullet train that can take you from LA to SF.

The kimono I am wearing was handmade by my sister. We love boho chic fashion, flowy styles, and versatile pieces.  Kimonos are great because you can dress them up or down.  Whether you pair it with a dress, jeans, or over your bikini at the beach, there’s always an occasion to wear them.  Kimonos can be made to order, so check out our etsy store or email us at rightleftrightbrain@gmail.com for inquires.

 Hope you all have a fabulous weekend with loved ones!



2014 You Were Awesome

This year has been hands down one I will never forget.  Here is my recap of the most memorable memories of 2014.  This year has taken me to some incredible places, amazing adventures, once in a lifetime experiences, and a new perspective on life.  It was definitely a year of travel for me.  I went to Thailand, Bali, and Peru this year and I couldn’t have been more blessed to have the opportunities and friendships to share all my adventures with.  For me, traveling feeds my soul.  Immersing yourself in a totally different environment and culture helps you recharge from your normal routined life.  The best thing about traveling is also experiencing natures breath-taking beauty around the world and appreciating the little things.

2014 not only brought me around the world, but also allowed me to become a first time Auntie!  This little bundle of joy has been the best gift of the year.  Cheers to 2015 and I look forward to more amazing memories, endeavors, and adventures! Can’t wait 🙂

DSC_0867IMG_4290 coachella 2014Coachella 2014 royal palace thailand travels rlrbRoyal Palace – Bangkok, ThailandProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetTiger Kingdom – Chiang Mai, ThailandIMG_4947Patara Elephant Farm – Chiang Mai, ThailandDSC_0149Wat Phra Kaew – Chiang Mai, ThailandDSC_0272Kelly’s Thai Cooking Class – Phuket, Thailandcoral island thailand rlrbCoral Island – Phuket, Thailandegg island thailand phuket travel rlrbEgg Island – Koh Phi Phi, ThailandBali Rice Terraces Ubud RLRBRice Terraces – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot Bali Ubud Indonesia style cultureUbud – BaliProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetChrischella 2014 – Palm Springs, CADSC_0688Machu Picchu – Aguas Calienties, PeruIMG_4571Pisac Ruins – Cusco, PeruIMG_4113Los Angeles, CADSC_1031Muir Woods – San Franciscogolden gate bridge san franciscoGolden Gate Bridge – Second Home, San Francisco


Merry Christmas

Hope you all had the Merriest Christmas and enjoyed time with friends, family, and loved ones!  We spent Christmas in San Francisco this year and with a new addition to our family…Rayden!  Rayden’s first Christmas was definitely one to remember.  Since he is the first baby in our family, we all spoiled him with a plethora of gifts. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetHe is about 9 months and learning how to walk.  My sis and I both got him walkers this Christmas to help him with his constant urge to walk aimlessly all over the apartment.  Babies are so fun!

Happy Holidays and make the most of 2014!

Patara Elephant Farm

Hands down the absolute most memorable experience this summer and in my whole life thus far.  Bold statement, I know.  The Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand was such a surreal experience. One of the main reasons why I chose to visit South East Asia was for this sole experience. Close friends and family know that I love and collect anything with elephants on it.  Especially if the trunk is up, which means good luck.

After hours of research for the best farm that didn’t promote mishandling of elephants, I finally stumbled upon Patara Elephant Farm and immediately knew this was the tour to experience.  It allowed each of us to be an elephant owner for the day, which is also called a mahout.

The first thing we had to do was make sure our elephant was happy.   There were 5 things to look for: 1) If their ears were wagging, 2) If they tails were wagging, 3) If they had sweat on their toe nails, 4) If they had at least four pellets of poop, and 5) If they had dirt on the side of their body – meaning, they slept on the ground at night. If they were up all night, more than likely they are not in a good mood the next day.

Patara Elephant Farm

My elephant was named Memong.  She was 28 years old just like myself.  We first fed our elephants bananas, and local fruits from the farm.


We then were handed a bundle of leaves to dust off the dirt on our elephants skin.  By the way, how amazing was this purple ensemble they all provided us with?  It was the perfect outfit for this activity!

IMG_4779 IMG_4820 Patara Elephant Farm style

Next, we went to the river bed and washed our elephants.  This was such a surreal experience to be one with nature while also bonding with these amazingly kind creatures.

Patara elephant farm Chiang Mai Jungle Life chiang mai elephant farm RLRB travel blog jumping pic thailand elephants thailand patara elephant farm

Of course I had to take a jumping picture with my new friends! Clearly, I was having way too much fun splashing around with them.


We then rinsed off at the fresh waterfall down the river bed.  The water felt so fresh and clean!

IMG_5060 jungle style elephant farm thailand


Happy Camper indeed! Can you tell by my gigantic smile?!


We ended the 6 hour tour with our elephants with a nice, relaxing, and serene ride along the jungle.  This will definitely one of the BEST days ever in my book.  If you are planning to visit Chiang Mai, please vist the Patara Elephant Farm for a memorable adventure!


Love Life

Creativity quote

I always seem to find myself gravitating towards inspirational, fun, and interesting quotes throughout the week. I love them. They may seem trivial to others, but they are small daily reminders of things we may not take full advantage of.   Or simply, they put your jumbled thoughts in perspective. This week, these three really stuck out to me. For this first one, I am a firm believer that creativity is born of risk and refined by failure. It is never black and white. When undergoing the creative process, failure is inevitable and, in most instances, failure is the product of true creativity.

Happy Quote

Someone recently told me, “Wow Christy, you are seriously one of the most positive people I know. Every time I say somewhat of a complaining comment, you always bring out the upside to it.” I was pretty shocked and taken back by his comment. When I heard that, I did take a step back and realized that I was, for the most part (I do have my bad moments though for sure), an optimistic and hopeful person.  Even though things in my life didnt work out as planned, I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  In some regards, that can be a disadvantage, but for the most part, having a positive outlook on things makes your days so much more fulfilling and worthwhile. At the end of the day, if you don’t like something in your life, fix it. Life is too short to complain and be discouraged about things. The ball is in your court.

inspirational quote taking chances

I have huge decisions to make this year and this quote really hit the spot. At the end of the day, I always gotta remember to take chances. Life is all about chances, and if I never try it, I never know what the outcome could be.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sista Talk

RLRB sisters RLRB street art Red Phone Booth Westport RLRB RLRB KC RLRB sisters westport style RLRB style summer shoes sisters Audrey Hepburn shirt donut shirt fun graphic tee RLRB kansas city RLRB happy sisters westport kansas

On Christy – Audrey Hepburn Shirt – F21 + Denim Shorts – Vintage Levis + Shoes: Nasty Gal Shoe Cult + Purse- Philip Lim for Target

On Leah – Top – Express + Skirt- Top Shop + Shoes: Target + Purse – Longchamp

This past weekend I visited Leah, and new mom, in Kansas City, Missouri. More importantly, I was there for the baptism of my godson, Rayden Luke! Let me tell you, he is one cutie patootie. I can’t deal with how freakin cute he is! It felt so good to be around my family and sister again. Nothing really beats quality time with family.

The last time I visited my brother-in-law and sister, my sister literally just got out of labor so we couldn’t really go out and gallivant since she was still in “recovery” mode. Luckily, this time around she was back to her old self – full of energy and always doing five things at the same time. It’s the story of our lives for both of us to always be multi-tasking and doing something. We are definitely fun and silly characters when we are together.

Leah and I finally had a day to just hang, grub, talk about random things, and shop! Oh how we both missed our shopping buddy and roll dawg. I was fortunate enough to also spend my sisters first Mother’s Day with her. So we had brunch that day, went shopping, grabbed a mint green tea latte, and just had QT time together.  I’m SOOO looking forward to more days like that again since she is officially going, going, back back to Cali!! YEEEE!

By the way, how fun is this Audrey Hepburn shirt?  First of all, I love the girl! Most def one of my fashion icons of all time.  But even better…she’s holding donuts! And I love donuts!!  It’s silly, it’s fun….love!