Fabrics I Do Adore

There’s no doubt that my sister and I love to collect any dope, cool, fun fabrics we come across.  My sister likes to make clothes, pillows, and pretty much anything with the fabric we find. RLRB fabric chinese cultural aztec RLRB fabric indigo vintage authentic chinese fabricThe fabric above and below are vintage and from China.  These fabrics are from traditional Chinese dresses.  As you can see from the fabric below, you can tell that this used to be a pleated garment.  To us, sometimes imperfections in some fabrics, are perfection and what makes it unique.  We cannot tell you how much we are obsessed with these finds!aztec fabric handmadeBali fabric RLRBMy loot from my Bali trip.  Since my sister just moved and is re-decorating her space, she’s been in search for unique fabric that she can turn into pillows.  Since I visited a couple fabric stores in Bali, I scored the fabrics above.

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Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern

Moving from the Midwest to SoCal and now to San Francisco, has really allowed me to play with new and different interior design aesthetics. I’ve been religiously pinning away for new inspirations and ideas. I love interior design that is fun, classic, and versatile. More specifically, I’ve been really intrigued with mid-century modern furniture. It’s clean lines and modern feel can truly make any space feel chic.

For great deals on cool and fun furniture, check out your local flea market. My sister and I recently checked out the long beach flea market and found a vendor that sold mid-century modern furniture for great deals. There are truly a plethora of hidden gems at flea markets. Plus, you can practice your negotiation skills to get the best deals that fit your budget. Above are some staple pieces that can be versatile enough to mix and match with different styles, patterns, and textile – i.e. rugs, throw pillows, and curtains. I am definitely eyeing these beauties!

Fugly Pillows



We finally got another couch since my parents are coming soon for the baby. We found this cheap couch for only $269! It’s pretty comfy too! It came with fugly pillows though! We don’t have an Ikea here so I wanted to find cool printed fabric pillow cases. I went to Hobby Lobby and found these cool fabric. I used 1/2 a yard of fabric and literally just sewed it like an envelope. Took less than 15 minutes to make! And voila…. Cool pillows!


1/2 yard fabric – depending on size of pillow

matching thread

sewing maching



measuring tape

1.  First measure your pillow (my pillow was 19 by 19, so 1/2 a yard was perfect)

2. Turn the fabric inside out

3. Fold both ends (about 1/2 inch) and pin and sew

4. My pillow was 19 inches, so I took 3/4 of 19 inches and folded over from the end

5. Take the other side and fold over like an envelope and pin (now you should have a square that measures 19 by 19 inches)

6.  Sew the sides together

7. Turn inside out and stuff your pillow

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Woodsy- Arrow Theme Baby Shower

Christy: This past weekend we celebrated sister’s baby shower and after all the planning and DIY projects we did, I must say, it was a success!!  Yeah!  Here are some shots of the details that went behind the woodsy/arrow theme baby shower. 
Woodsy arrow themed baby shower invitationLeah:  These arrows were fun to make.  I got dowels and painted them.  I also used printed tape sporadically to add more color and design.  Then I cut two arrows with colored paper and glued them on top – one on each side.  These arrows added a pop of color to the decor.  My sister and I also decided to create our own woodsy baby shower invitation.  We searched all over the web for a design that we liked and fit our theme, but at the end of the day, we decided to design one our own using Photoshop and walaaa!

woodsy theme babys shower DIY cake topper rustic theme smores cupcakes homemade arrows woodsy camping theme dessert tableChristy:  We spent the night before the baby shower getting down in the kitchen.  Meaning, we rolled up our sleeves and baked all these goodies you see in our dessert table.  We made rice crispy treats, nutella croissants, and smores cupcakes   For the smores cupcakes, we also made our own marshmallow-like frosting.  The frosting is really made up of whipped egg whites and sugar.  To tie in our woodsy theme, we also decided to add lil trail mix cups.

woodsy arrows rustic nature theme dessert table diy arrow theme dessert table idea arrow woodsy tribal theme baby showerLeah:  The triangle garlands you see on the left were made up of triangles I cut out from colored paper.  I then randomly placed them together and then sewed them all together.  We hung these triangle garlands all against our white walls to make our space feel more festive.

RLRB Sisters DIY baby shower decorations nutella crossaints Sangria woodsy theme baby shower diy DIY woodsy rustic camp arrows aztec deer theme baby shower decorations Smores baby shower giveaways

Christy:  Our giveaways were Smores packages! I LOVE me some smores, and the fact we were having a woodsy theme party, it was only appropriate to have Smores! It was really fun making these giveaways too.  Overall, I had sooo much fun planning this baby shower for my sister.

Leah: It’s good to be home on the west coast!  We had our baby shower over this past weekend here in So Cal that was hosted by Christy.  She did such a great job with everything.  We decided to go with the woodsy arrow theme.  It was hard trying to choose a theme..thank God for Pinterest!  Living in the midwest, we thought that this theme fit perfectly.

California Love

California love painting

Painting by Yours Truly 

Since my sister moved out of state and painted this exact painting months ago to keep her Cali Love alive in the Midwest, numerous friends have contacted us and asked us to make them this California Heart painting as well.  She saw this on a sticker somewhere. So I went to Michaels, bought some canvases, acrylic paints and painted a few of these fun and easy Cali Love pieces.

I’ve always loved painting since I was a little girl.  It relaxes me and definitely helps me Namaste myself.  I tend to paint more abstract, landscape, still life, and pop art pieces.  Expressionism was a style I always admired as well.   Though, I will be the first to admit that I am horrible at painting portraits.  Lately, I’m finding myself finally getting back in the groove of painting.  I’ve had other side projects that I have been working on as well for my sister’s nursery.  Stay posted for some cute nursery painting ideas!

White Walls




All images via Google Images

Here’s another design post for ya.  My sister inspired me from the last post she did.  Lately, I’ve been eyeing interior design blogs and really appreciate the creativity, artistry, and designs in all the new restaurants I’ve been hitting up.  I always had an eye for interior design, so here are a few inspirational pictures for those of you just moved into a new house/apt, or for those of you that just want to re-decorate!  I absolutely LOVE white walls.  There is a clean, crisp, freshness to it.  It like an open, blank canvas that you can pretty much play around with in endless ways!  Plus, it saves you the time to have to figure out what colors to paint your wall.  By having white walls, it leaves you with more room to groove and plus more options for wall décor, rugs, and furniture.  How amazing are these rooms above?!  Obsessed.

I’d Stay Here All Day…

living room
T-G-Freakin-I-F!!!  So happy it’s the weekend!  You know what that means?  Time to clean your house after a week of dreaded work!  Oh, and maybe some time to redecorate your room?  Well, there goes my first time putting a look together for a living room and I’m loving it!  If I could go out and buy all these things…I would in a heart beat!  I think mixing and matching gives a room more character.  There’s a lot of house stuff you can find at Homegoods or even Target for less.  Just like clothes, it’s cool to mix and match prices of your furniture and decor.